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Rice with A Dill - Nice and Aromatic Side for Lunch.

Updated: May 14, 2021

If you are a lover rice, this is excacly what you need!

Preparation time: 45 minutes.


2 Cup of rice. (l usually soak the rice for 15 minutes in water befor I cooked it.)

3 Cup of water.

2 Tbsp Olive Oil

1 Big onion Chopped

2 Tbsp SHUKEY Dill Blend or Almond Mix blend.


First, Cook the onion with 2 Tbsp Olive Oil, in the pot for 10 minutes.

Add the rice and mix it with the onion, befor adding the water.

Add the water to the pot, cover the pot and cook the rice for 30 minutes, on a low heat.

Check the rice. It is ready to eat,if it is soft.

Remove from the heat, put in "Shukey" rice blended spices, mix together and let it rest for another 15 minuets.

Easy to make!

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