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Let's talk about Spices! This one, I will focus on.... Oregano!!!

Just for your knowledge, spices are abundance of flavors and health benefits! And the spices are powerful fighters against disease.

So... Why Oregano?

It is more then the spice bag you put on the pizza!!!

I will make it super short for you!

Oregano contains antioxidant per gram, powerful antibacterial activities, has effective anti-inflammatory properties. (Which help to heal faster)

Oregano oil, more effective than antibiotics for infection or disease. (Sore throat, for example).

Oregano can be as a tea also has health benefits. (Not more than 4 cups a day).

For making your own tea, you need:

1cup boiled water

0.5 Tsp Dried Oregano or fresh leave

0.5 Tsp of Dried peppermint or fresh leave.

1Tsp Lemon juice

Add the leaves to the boiled water, wait for 5 minutes to steam them, add the lemon juice and let it cool down a bit.

You can add honey or other natural sweetness.

Enjoy this fresh tea!

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