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I'm Shiry, the founder of Shukey- Spices For the Soul.

My story started in November, 2018. I remember I was "this close to burning down my closet"! Funny, right?! not really.... I did not like the way I was looking and feeling! After reflecting deep- down within myself, I found a new way of consuming "Clean Food": No processed food, No preservatives, No white sugar. Yes for healthy meals, Yes for healthy desserts (and there are lots of them! ), Yes for choosing right! 

The journey wasn't easy at all and sometimes I felt alone in this lifestyle. Keeping in my mind there are benefits for choosing the healthy lifestyle, it made me continue to grow and reminded me that I'm doing it just for myself!!

From the passion to cook, bake and eat, I found myself blending my own spices in my little kitchen and feeling the magic become a reality. From this moment on, all I wanted was to share my food, love, and my experience with the world. To make it so easy for all of you to use it and to be part of my family and my lifestyle. 

This is the reason that I created those amazing blended spices! All you have to do is just add it to your meals and ENJOY!

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